Eduardo Torres Davila
Eduardo Torres Davila



About Me

Hello! I am currently a third-year PhD student at the University of Minnesota. I graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science from San Diego State University. Outside of academics, I enjoy the outdoors and climbing!

I am also a co-leader of the Council for the Advancement of Underrepresented Scientists and Engineers (CAUSE). We are dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and professional development of graduate students of color and first generation college students within the College of Science and Engineering.

What I'm up to

I am currently studying for the Complex Preliminary Exam and a supporting mentor for the PolyMath Jr. REU helping with the Ramsey Theory project.

Technical Skills

  • Python
  • SageMath
  • ReactJS
  • LaTeX

Soft Skills

  • Math Teaching
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Research Interest

While at San Diego State, my main interest was in algebraic combinatorics. In particular, I studied relationships between numerical semigroups and polytopes under Dr. Christopher O'Neill. I also participated in MSRI-UP where I had the opportunity to work with Lie algebras under Dr. Pamela E. Harris. Since starting graduate school, I found myself drawn to the application of mathematics to real world problems and because of this I have started reading under Dr. Richard McGehee about the mathematics behind climate change.



Academic Research

Numerical semigroups, polyhedra, and posets II: locating certain families of semigroups

In collaboration withJackson Autry,Abigail Ezell,Tara Gomes,Christopher O'Neill,Christopher Preuss,& Tarang Saluja.Journal of Advances in Geometry.

Numerical semigroups, polyhedra, and posets III: minimal presentations and face dimension

In collaboration withTara Gomes& Christopher O'Neill.Submitted.

Visualizing the support of Kostant's weight multiplicity formula for the rank two Lie algebras

In collaboration withPamela E. Harris,Marissa Loving,Juan Ramirez,Joseph Rennie,Gordon Rojas Kirby,& Fabrice O. Ulysse.Submitted.

Writing Contributions

Networking Basics for Math Undergrads

In collaboration withJoanne Beckford,Alex Christensen,Pamela E. Harris,Lucy Martinez,& Fabrice O. Ulysse.AMS Blogs.

Bank of REU/Grad Fair Questions

In collaboration withPamela E. Harris& Lucy Martinez.AMS Blogs.


The ArXiv Game

A webapp created using ReactJS and the ArXiv API.

In collaboration with Aaron Li


Python scripts for building Weyl alternation diagrams for Lie algebras of type D₂, B₂, C₂, and G₂.

In collaboration with Pamela E. Harris, Juan Ramirez, & Fabrice Ulysse.


A web application to perform row operations on matrices representing free resolutions.

In collaboration with Tara Gomes & Christopher O'Neill.


A SageMath package for working with Kunz posets.

In collaboration with Tara Gomes, Christopher O'Neill, & Christopher Preuss.


A web application to build the Weyl alternation diagrams from the lattice_plot project.

In collaboration with Pamela E. Harris, Juan Ramirez, & Fabrice Ulysse.


Spring 2022

Teaching Assistant for Math 1271 - Calculus I

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